Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day - Not

It was supposed to snow 4 inches today.  We were really looking forward to a good old fashioned snow day, since we haven't had one in several seasons.  Needless to say, it flurried big white yummy flakes all day which accumulated to NOTHING!  It is just cold, wet and muddy! Ugh, I hate global warming!  

As a result, I got nothing done today.  I kept anticipating that the snow would actually amount to something, and school would be dismissed early, and as a result, I was distracted and nonproductive.  I did have to take my mother-in-law to the doctor, where I ran into my hair stylist.  It was a bit awkward - sort of like seeing your GYN doctor at a cocktail party - trying to make small talk in an atmosphere that is just completely out of context.  She wasn't all made up in her hair stylist perfect hair and makeup garb, and my hair was curling and frizzing up the wrong way.  I wondered what she was thinking about styling (or lack thereof).  Thankfully, I had washed my hair this morning, so at least it was clean!  I guess I need to make an appointment soon.  

The best thing about the day, was that I received some comments and emails from my swapping partners on the BLOG swap at swapbot.  I feel like my blog is getting getting resuscitated and that it might actually live again!  It is certainly fun to be introduced to some new blogging friends - Yarnigras, This Handmade Life, and My Lil Toy Haven - who share similar interests to me.  Be sure to check out these blogs!  I also found a blog that offers free vintage clipart, The Vintage Moth.   Not only was there wonderful clipart for the taking, but the blog is full of great links to other resources.  I was so taken I added a link on my sidebar!  This is definitely worth a look!

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Joan said...

This is my first time on your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Funny, but I'm on the same blog-name swap, tho we're not partners - but here I am! Love your Dotee doll! Perhaps we'll be in a Dotee swap someday.