Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Minute Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day, originally uploaded by poketypatch.

I fell in love with the valentine bouquet that Val and her lovely daughter made. I finally found the link ;), and, decided that my 12 year old son and I would make some for his Valentine Day celebration. Guess who made the flowers? ME! Unfortunately, 12 year old boys would rather be outside in the 50 degree weather playing lacrosse than inside crafting tissue paper flowers! He was more interested in EATING them than making them. (Note the guilty grin above!)  But, he was very appreciative of the bouquet, and happily took them into his teachers today!

I also wanted to give a link to a wonderful site with cute, free wallpaper and a template for a sweet little valentine gift box.  The blog is called Bric.A.Brac.  She also has a cute storefront, Jinjerup.  This is where I found a selection of wallpapers, like this one:

And, here is a photo of the little box that I made:

There is a PDF download with several different designs. It is perfect for that last minute Valentine gift!


Paper Lady Invites said...

What cute little ideas for Valentines! And, thanks for swapping your blog with me!


BracLynn said...

many, many thanks for spreading the love on Jinjerup! Glad you like the wallpapers & great to see how the box turned out ^^ Have a fantastic weekend!