Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simple Beauty

mono tulips multiple, originally uploaded by poketypatch.

Most times, pictures come more easily to me than words.  I guess you could say I am think "visually".  

Some more tulilps appeared in my kitchen this weekend.  They are white tulips and are simply beautiful.  

Today, I decided to play a bit with tulips.  I used the monochromatic setting on my camera and a simple desk light to get these effects.  I didn't photoshop at all.  I softened the one above and played with the tone.  That's it!

one tulip mono

I think the results are quite pleasing to the eye!

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JewelzyBug said...

What kind of glue are you using? Try heavy gel medium. It is less water based and easier to not get bubbles under with a light layer. My method: I love and embrace the bubbles - they add texture and texture is fabulous!

Your fabric ATCs are beautiful. Great work!