Thursday, November 6, 2008

Okay, so yesterday I was speechless. No words could describe how happy I felt about the election results. Now, I feel, we can move on with life and have some hope that favorable change will finally come for so many that truly need it! It was also so inspiring to watch the footage of the masses celebrating all over this country as well as all over the world. It seems as if the load is a little lighter today.

So, I got home a little early yesterday, and started working on a new project. Earlier in the day while blog hopping I ran across a tutorial for fingerless mitts which linked me here to Finny and got me to thinking. Basically these gals had taken a recycled sweater and turned the old sleeves into new fingerless mitts. Finny went a step further dissecting her sweater into different projects. I remembered that I had an old felted cable sweater that I used to made some woolen longies sitting in my stash pile. And so, I decided to try and make a neckwarmer the easy way! Forget knitting, I used by scissors and my sewing machine to craft one up in minutes!

I started with a full sweater minus the sleeves to make these:

They turned out so cute - sort of buttercream in color. I am thinking about sewing some little sheep on them.

Once I retrieved the sweater shell from the pile, this is what happened:

I wonder how it will look on?

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