Friday, November 7, 2008

My Lucky Day

Today was a good day.  First, I don't work on Fridays.  So, I was home just fooling around all day.  You know, rearranging furniture with Christmas tree in mind...contemplating cleaning out the attic but watching John Stewart and Steven Colbert instead.  

Second, I sold a pair of longies on eBay.

Third, I got this is the mail today...

Just a little transaction I made last week on eBay with The Trend Boutique.  I was in desperate need for a new jacket, and found this one at a great price.  It is absolutely lovely and fits perfectly. And, I feel really trendy when I put it on!

Fourth, my 17 yo son called last night from Boarding School.  Mom's with kids in Boarding School know how much this means.  Just getting a call is, well, astounding!  He informed that he had gotten the highest grade in his class on his Chemistry Lab - a 99! We might have a doctor in the making!

But the best thing that happened was that I got an email from Kristin to inform me that (drum roll please) I had won the new Anna Maria Horner book Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing as a Week One - Home for the Holidays prize winner!  Boy was I surprised, since I don't win things....ever.  I feel so lucky! I have been wanting that book so much, but couldn't justify another purchase for myself right now.  

Thanks so much to Sew Mama Sew!  Don't wait, go and check out this great site and all of the beautiful, trendy fabric they sell. 

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Jessica Levitt said...

Now I really wan this coat...and I don't need another one!