Monday, March 2, 2009


Ouch!, originally uploaded by poketypatch.

We had our first real snow storm today. It was absolutely frigid outside. The wind here is horrible on a normal day, but today with the snow it was like WHITE OUT! We had the mother of all icicles on our back porch. It was about a yard long and very SHARP!

Fun in the Snow

Snappy, our miniature schnauzer, had fun running in the back field.  There were loads of birds at my kitchen window  feeder.  The cardinals are especially beautiful with a backdrop of white snow!


I stayed home on my first real snow day in such a long time!  Inspired by the birds at my window, I added to my painted bird ATC stash.

Flying Crow ATC
Bird Collage Atc


JacqRedwine said...

my goodness! Where do I start???
first, I love your photography. that first picture reminds me of Edward Cullen (Twilight), for some unexplained reason. But these days everything reminds me of Edward. I'm a bit obsessed.

your puppy is just too cute.

your ATC's are wonderful!

You have a great blog. Thanks for sharing!


pussman said...

I love the black bird!

pussman said...

be carefull with this frosted pins!!

Yarni Gras! said...

I always look for cardinals. They were my grandmother's favorite bird and I can't help wondering if they are hanging around waiting for her to come visit them....what BEAUTIFUL photos..and your atc's are lovely!

joanie said...

Wow! Your snow and bird photos are amazing - and those tulips in your last post are so incredible too. You're very clever with that camera :)