Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Follow me while I blog hop!

Does this happen ever happen to you...You start visiting the blogs you "follow" and one link leads to another which leads to another and then your head feels like it will burst because there is so much inspiration and ideas on your journey?  It happens to me a lot.

This happened to me last week, starting at the blog, Pimp Stitch.  This blog focuses on crafts, sewing and embroidery; and, it often has links to fun tutorials.  I am trying to work on my embroidery skills, so I was enticed by a new entry on Friday, "Boy + Girl Pocket Pillows".  What are pocket pillows you ask.  Well, they are toddler sized pillows that can fit into toddler sized pockets!  And, they are really cute.  Since I love really cute kiddy stuff, I decided to hop over to Lauren's blog, goody-goody, for little girl and boy pocket pillows free PDF pattern.

With my new pattern printing out below, I decised to check out Another website I love,  Illustration Friday.  This is one of those sites where a member suggests a topic and then everyone who reads can submit an illustration in the medium of their choice on the topic.  I love it because many talented artists submit each week and there are links to their blogs which are full of inspiration!  The topic for this week was "poise".  Interesting, I thought, and I began to look at what artists were submitting.

I started with Golly Bard, who suggested the topic.  I headed over the her blog, Golly Bard's Drawing Room, and was blown away by her wonderful drawings! What talent!  She has her entry for Poise, "A Voracious Appetite", available in her ETSY Shop.  

So, I ask myself, what inpires Golly Bard; and, I click on the first name atthe top of her list "Visual Feast".  And, that would be, Cathy Cullis's Etsy Shop.  When I arrived at Cathy's shop, I realized that I had been there before.  Cathy is a talented mixed media and textile artist.  Her work evokes classic simplicity, and I had been awed by it when I happened upon her in another of my blog hopping episodes.  

So, with my head full of ideas and images, I decided to try and machine embroider the little girl PDF that I had gotten from Lauren.  The first picture above is what I came up with.  It is really cute, and I am going to make it into a pocket pillow for a little girl I know.  

Then, I decided to take it one step further.  I remembered some silhouettes that were posted by a contact of mine, Suzee Que, on flickr.  Suzee Que often posts vintage artwork to share for use in art projects.  She had posted this silhouette

Some are Vintage..some are not, originally uploaded by Suzee Que.

Here is my interpretation of it:

silhouette embroidery

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