Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Swapping

I am in my second round of blog swapping on swap-bot.  I think that cittylou is to be commended for organizing another successful swap!  

For this swap, we were given three blogs to go take a look at and leave comments.  Three bloggers got my name to do the same for me!  I have been trying to be a good swapper and return to all the blogs I was assigned and leave comments.  It isn't hard to do, because the blogs are fun to read!

Today, I visited Ros at the Hmm. blog where there was a tutorial for a newsprint covered shopping bag.  What a fun idea! 

                                                               Originally uploaded by hmm.  

She also had a link to a blog, Molly Likes to Draw, that has a nifty tutorial for making packing tape transfers!  Did I say NIFTY?  You bet!!!  I couldn't get this little project out of my mind, it seemed so, well, innovative!  Especially for the ATC chic design wannabe that I want to be!  

In a nutshell, you take packing tape, cut a piece and tape it on top of a magazine picture that you want to transfer, cut out the taped picture, drop in a bowl of warm water, once wet peel off the paper, and VOILA - you miraculously have a transfer.  Yes, the ink just sticks to the tape.  Its magical!

I decided to try right when I got home.  I just couldn't wait.  But, unfortunately, I couldn't find any packing tape.  Not to be thwarted, I did put my hands on some scotch tape, which worked amazingly well!

Here is a quick one I did of James Dean

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What a great way to add some life to ATC's!

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kawaii crafter said...

ooh, packing tape transfers, I'm definitely checking out the tutorial