Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Needlework Project & Good Reading

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I finished the glasses case made from recycled sweaters, some of my boys old pants and buttons! It is soft and thick; and, I think it will work wear to protect a pair of glasses from scratches. It is also a good size for a cell phone or ipod.

Speaking of finishing...I have recently finished two "quick read" mysteries with a needlework theme. I picked them up at my local library. The series is written by Monica Ferris. The main character, Betsy Devonshire, owns a needlework shop, "Crewel World" in Minnesota. She solves crimes with her store manager, Godwin DuLac (who is gay), and other needleworking friends, one who is a police officer. I started out reading the most recent book, Knitting Bones, since it caught my eye on the new book rack at the library. I liked it so much, I have plowed through Crewel Yule and am getting ready to start Sins and Needles. All of the books are featured on Ms. Ferris' website and include the first chapter of each book. She also contributes to a mystery writer's blog, Killer Hobbies, and Wednesday is Ms. Ferris' day to contribute. If you like themed mysteries, I recommend these for a fun read! I have added them to my Amazon Widget.

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