Tuesday, May 18, 2010

welcome to my world

welcome to my world, originally uploaded by poketypatch.
I used to watermark my photos - then I stopped because I felt it was just another distraction. Being a fairly trusting person, I believed that my images would not be stolen or misused without my permission. Unfortunately, the reality of the world today is that anything posted online has fallen prey to people who are dishonest; people who are thieves; people who lack the artistic creativity to be able to produce their own work; and, worst of all - people who are predators. Recently, some of my photos have ended up in places where I did not intend for them to go. I honestly doubt that watermarking will deter criminals from stealing something that they desire; however, at least if it is there, I am officially making the statement that my photographs are copyrighted by me, and any use of my photos without my permission is in violation of copyright law. I know that many of my contacts are experiencing similar issues. What a shame it is that a few bad apples can victimize so many...

wildflowers with texture....

I will now get down off my "soap box"... and welcome you to my world - the magic I found this weekend when I took a Walk in the Woods!

Jack in the Pulpit - one of the last blooms of this species left in the woods!

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