Saturday, May 22, 2010

FiX It!

I am always looking for fun ways to improve my photo-editing skills.  My usual routine is to shoot in RAW format and then upload to Lightroom for initial edits.  I then export it over to Adobe Photoshop - I use Elements 6.0.  I have been contemplating moving up to Adobe CS and recently downloaded the trial version of CS5.  CS5 has much more "power"; however, I am finding that it will be a long learning process.

Today, I ran across the website I Heart Faces.  They run weekly contests for editing fixes.  The "fix-it Friday" challenge was to "fix" this photo.

I decided to try, and here is my result:

Here is what I did:

1.  I sent the photo to Lightroom where I applied a sepia toned preset.  I also used the adjustment brush presets to lighten up the eyes and soften the skin.

2.  I cropped it down so that the baby's face aligned up at the far side of the photo.  I use the Rule Of Thirds Grid to make sure I get it right in Lightroom.

3.  I sent the photo to Adobe PSE.  There I worked on the eyes a littler more with the dodge/burn brushes.  I added a pink toned fill layer to give it the pink tint.  And, I added a texture.

It was a fun exercise, and I have entered it into the thread on the website.


Shelle said...

It's so pretty!! I love your edit! Her eyes look so pretty! Thanks so much for working on my baby!

Pokety Patch Blog said...

She is adorable - thanks for letting me try!

kellimartin said...

oooo.. I LOVe yours....
she's gorgeous and you got here there even in difficult artist my friend :)