Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hearing the Light

"Hearing the light" is a phenomenon that occurs on an intuitive level when you feel that the photographic image is right and that the moment has come to record it... Invariably, a moment arrives when everything feels right; when the image sings. I hear the light and then proceed to record the image."
~Wayne Rowe (Zen and the Magic of Photography)

Zen and the Magic of Photography: Learning to See and to Be through Photography

I am enjoying reading and contemplating on Wayne Rowe's book, Zen and the Magic of Photography.  Mr. Rowe has put into words the way that I feel about photography.  The first part of the book discusses experiencing Zen through photography and photography through Zen.  Mr. Rowe believes that if one is drawn into the light, one will then focus better and become more open and aware to one's surroundings.

"Open yourself to the light, images and reality around you."

"Experiencing real moments will lead you to a culminating moment of satori - a moment when you hear the light; the image sings ; and form, content, and feeling are one."

"looking with the capacity to feel"

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