Monday, July 6, 2009

more tomatoes please - no ooze thank you

more tomatoes please, originally uploaded by poketypatch.

It was a dew drop bonanza day - dew drops are very popular on flickr these days. So, I rushed in to get my camera for a dew drop photo op. I took about 6 pictures and then my battery died, so much for the dew, and I headed in to look at what I had gotten.

The pictures were okay. I was struck by some that I had taken of a tomato plant getting ready to blossom. The dew really stuck to the hair on each blossom, and looked sort of cool. Once I was finished processing something clicked in my brain... Yesterday, I watched the old classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". That is the one where giant, pea pods produce oozy zombies that take over the bodies of the people in the town. I realized that I must have unconsciously found this interesting as a result of that movie! I just hope thatmy tomato plants produce tomatoes; and, that nothing extra terrestrial will be growing out of those little buds - eek!

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